Hi, I'm Ari Molzer

Sydney based Software Developer, and Cloud Architect

I've been working in tech, leading teams, and delivering large scale projects in finance, education, and ecommerce for over 10 years. Please take a look at my experience and skills, and reach out if you think we could work well together.

Employment History

The details of my 10+ years experience as a software developer and technical leader

Technical Lead

Novated Lease Australia Pty Ltd

My current role includes managing a team of backend developers, frontend developers, designers and testers, while also helping define development best practices, cloud infrastructure, and security standards.

Technical Lead

Money Pty Ltd

At Money.com.au, I was the principal developer and technical lead for the business. It was my job to create a suite of tools to help connect our customers with financial products, educational tools, and financial literacy resources.

Development Team Lead

DPS Publishing Pty Ltd

eCommerce Developer

Aligent Consulting

Software Developer

The Distiller Co.

Junior Developer

The Moonshine Lab, a Distillery Co Company

Apprentice Developer

Xtreme Software Pty Ltd

Certified by leading vendors

My skills have been validated to the best industry standards. Check out my certifications

Terraform Associate (003)


Terraform Associate (003)

Solutions Architect (SAA-C03)

Amazon Web Services

Solutions Architect (SAA-C03)

Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02)

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02)

Frequently asked questions

I've tried to answer some of the questions you may already have. If you have any other questions, perhaps you should contact me.

What technologies did you use to create this website?

To build this website I used the Astro.js framework, connected to Storyblok.com as a headless CMS. The styling was done in TailwindCSS and TailwindUI components were used as the basis for the design. The deployments are done via GitHub Actions, deploying to AWS S3 behind a CloudFront distribution.

What technologies are you experienced with?

My primary web development skillset is in PHP + Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. However my skills extend well past just development into advanced infrastructure with AWS, Agile team management, technical planning, project management and resource planning.